Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ethnic Gourmet's Taste of Thai: Pad Thai with Tofu

While browsing the freezer department of my local high-end grocer for something new, a red box caught my eye: Ethnic Gourmet.

With a fantastic, absurd, mildly offensive name like Ethnic Gourmet, I had to try it. The specific item I chose was Ethnic Gourmet's Taste of Thai: Pad Thai with Tofu. And let me tell you something This is the best frozen meal I have ever consumed in my entire life.
  • Taste? Perfect.

  • Texture? Phenomenal.

  • Aroma? Palette-moistening.

There's a subtle hint of spice that doesn't make your nose run like so many other spicy Thai dishes. The "mildly spiced" box descriptor is dead-on.

Ethnic Gourmet even makes your house smell good when you microwave it after your cat stinks up the joint by peeing everywhere. True story -- it happened last night (Well, the night before I wrote this a few weeks ago - Nate).

I actually discovered Ethnic Gourmet awhile ago and I have been known to enjoy the Taste of Thai three times per week. I just can't get sick of it.

The Holiday Market where I first discovered Ethnic Gourmet has since discontinued carrying the Pad Thai variety, an event which nearly gave me withdrawals. Luckily, I was forced to go to Meijer for a late-night cold medicine run last week and I discovered a stash of this Asian treat in the bottom of a freezer cabinet. I bought all but one of the $4.99 boxes of dreams -- I had to share the joy after all.

If you are lazy, an office worker, or you love deliciousness, you must try Ethnic Gourmet's Taste of Thai: Pad Thai with Tofu immediately, if not sooner. I give it a 110% rating.


Amber said...

sorry for the delay in commenting, but i wanted to let you know that we bought a couple of these on your recommendation (they have them at holiday again) - i have yet to try, buy nate tried and he was not impressed. i guess you two will now have to fight to the death to see who was right about this frozen dinner's tastiness.

Nathan J Rogers said...

Maybe Other Nate dislikes it because he's a Pad Thai Purist. I find the "real" version to be painfully boring.

M. Evens said...

Nothing about Tofu, and it being previously frozen especially, is appealing to me. I don't know how you do it.