Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Burger King Onion Rings Flavored Snacks, reviewed

There was a bag sitting on my desk for a week. Everyone was asking about it. And my guest columnist did not come through. So yesterday, just before noon, I broke the seal on my 1.125-oz. bag of Burger King Onion Rings Flavored Snacks, which I purchased from the vending machine in my office.

My initial impressions of the first ring out of the bag:
  • It looks like a circular Taco Bell Cinnamon Twist

  • It smells like a Funyun with a hint of cheese -- minus one point

  • It tastes like a weak Funyun -- a negative for the taste buds but a plus for post-snack meeting attendance

  • It leaves a light, fine residue on your fingers -- not at all sticky or obtrusive

The Onion Rings Flavored Snacks' consistency is sort of "powdery" once bitten. They are not as coarse as Funyuns. And, they're certainly easier to eat than a real onion ring because you don't have to worry about taking a bite that takes the whole inner onion with it, leaving the doughy shell. The flavor is also more consistent than that of the real thing.

There is also an underlying hint of "rice cake," which makes sense considering that this item's description includes the phrase "puffed snacks."

The phrase "deep crunch" is also used, and I feel that this is wholly inaccurate. "Deep crunch" should only be used to describe the sort of snack that cannot be consumed in a classroom with a "no food or drink" policy without being audibly noticed.

Slight digression:
Whenever I have an interesting food item on my desk, my coworkers feel that it's necessary to inspect its nutrition facts. I will be very depressed when I get to this age. For now, I make my food intake decisions based only on flavor potential and novelty. Any way ...

Although I tend to write about the experience of eating instead of evaluating products, I feel that Burger King Onion Rings Flavored Snacks deserve a rating on a numerical scale. And that rating is 5.5 out of 10. I didn't dislike them, yet I would probably never think of them again if it weren't for this blog.


Stacey W. said...

I had no idea Burger King even had snack items like this. You have a magic vending machine.

destroyer said...

ive also seen quesodilla flavored TGI Fridays baked chips.

maybe next post, one can only hope.

Amber said...

i miss vending machines. we have no such thing where i work. only the EGG WAVE. and yes, i'm still down for being a guest blogger who doesn't PUSS OUT.

Paul Piziks said...

I think 1.25 ounces is pretty light. You might have to eat the bag!

Paprika said...

interesting, i didn't realize burger king made a fake funyun. not sure it would live up to them, especially the wasabi funyun (which are FANTASTIC!) ...i think there should be an accompanying review for the other burger king snack food 'ketchup and fries' chips.

Unknown said...

Not as good as Ketchup and Fries chips, but still, 5.5? You are being too harsh.

Also, I hope they come out with Whopper flavored snacks.

Unknown said...

Also, are you aware of the Flame Broiled Burger King chips? Whopper flavored chips. The world keeps suprising me with great things.